Moonbeam EP

by Juneblood

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Written Nov-Dec 2016
Recorded Dec 2016


released December 25, 2016

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Danni S.
Artwork by Danni S.

Released via Dad Culture Records // Potsdam, NY

"Miel llanto" -- news broadcast by Walter Kronkite (1981)
"Estuvimos cerca de Pozuelo de Alarcón" -- street soundscape by Natalia Beylis (2013), villanciano "Peces en el río" by Manolo Escobar (1962)



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Dad Culture Records Potsdam, New York

~ DIY record label out of Potsdam, NY~

(photo credit to Devyn Halter & Liam Kingsley)

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Track Name: December
My sister and I drove south to see the place that we were born at
And she stayed there, stoic and steading
More steady-handed than I ever was
More steady-handed than I ever was
Every year she sends out Christmas cards on the last day of November
And thirty years ago she arrived in December
And how they were fawning over her. //
Hiding their wrinkles in the apples of her cheeks.
I like to think that she still watched every ship drifting into her sight
But for all I know the sea she knows is red
And how I wish I could cover her eyes
How I wish I could cover her eyes
How I wish to be the apple of her eye
Track Name: MERCY III.
It's nothing you've said but everything you've done.
I saw the headlights and I walked towards them
Maybe I am who they said I would be
There was a green lantern behind the hill,
Lighting the dead wheatgrass on fire
I am aflame, I am underwater, I am oceans away.
I hope you know who's going to catch you when you fall
But I am afraid to be alone in swimming pools
Afraid to look down at my toes above the cement
Maybe I'm not cut out for this
But when I was seventeen
I thought that a broken christmas ornament could save me
And I was still empty, still on fire, still longing.
I don't want to feel anyone else's hands but your own in mine
For now and for later on
Like turkey sandwiches at 11:00 pm on Thanksgiving
When the house is finally silent.
And I'll wear my prom dress again if I could rewind
And just give you what you wanted
But today is Thursday and Thursdays are no day for loving
It's nothing you've said but everything you've done.
And I am somewhere in the bottom of my closet
6 years of anxiety creeping through my tiny skull
And lying through the dark, waiting for a tornado
I can't remember what I ate for dinner.
It's nothing you've said but everything you've done.
Track Name: Miel llanto
Honey, I carry the blood on my back
And I tried my hardest to love you
But your bones were the dust in my head
Your bones were the dust in my head
My love, it snowed again in April
I wore my yellow boots home
And my hair was honey-coloured
I was quiet
I was quiet
I was quiet
Or I was opening
But honey, I bruise so easily
I am setting down the sacraments
I’m not sure where to lie in my own bed at night
I’m starting to forget the lines of your face
I’m more cruel than I used to be
And i don’t think I’m what was intended
Honey tears me raw to the bone
Tears me raw to the bone
Honey I still need you
Honey I still need you
Honey I still need you
I still needed you
And I still need you
Track Name: Estuvimos cerca de Pozuelo de Alarcón
You forgot the day that I fell and skinned my knee on the pavement
I'd ran all the way to your house in a skirt
Cause I didn't wanna miss your birthday
Once - I wanted to be so close so as to know where your sidewalks end
And once - I wanted to become the very lining of your lungs
Blowing smoke rings round your crooked fingers
Around your crooked lines
I've been running in my sheets
I am restless under the table
I'm nothing more than the lie I told you, staring at the wall
But my life is to lie by you
And I want to tell you ghost stories
With my fingers crossed
With my fingers crossed through yours
Track Name: 5:17 a.m. (home soon)
What if I went too far this time
And if I went out a little [too deep] last night
Would you ever love me again?
On the bus at 5 a.m.
I thought I saw you drive by in your four-door sedan
But I've got a sadness like a rotten P E A C H
That I've never been able to S H A K E