abbyeyesore vs the patriarchy

by abbyeyesore

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first ep by dank pdam musician abbyeyesore!!


released February 14, 2015

Music & Lyrics by Abby Cowan
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Mike Bruns & Liam Kingsley for Dad Culture Records
Released by Dad Culture Records
Album Art by Luke Butterfield



all rights reserved


Dad Culture Records Potsdam, New York

~ DIY record label out of Potsdam, NY~

(photo credit to Devyn Halter & Liam Kingsley)

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Track Name: (things i should keep in my head)
you brought me down to size
you sorta just spit in my eye
my sullen mood disguised
honestly, i’m not surprised
at least you don’t lie when you say that you kissed her that night
under a veil of your father’s design

You taught me how to drive
I ran my car off the road
You called me to cry everyday for 8 months of my life
until the day I don’t pick up the phone

i told you bout the time I tried to die but came through
you’re wide awake i’m tired, now what are we gonna do
well i guess nows the time to remind you I love ur blue eyes
Track Name: Jerry Mandarin
you borrowed my copy of infinite jest - you dogearred page 3
i showed you alt-j, you said they're ok now dissolve me
you borrowed my t-shirt and cut the sleeves - i guess it's alright
you shook all my snow globes and walked away - i'll just watch them settle while you take the night

you borrowed my car and drove to the border - you picked up some smokes just for you
you borrowed my house to throw a big party, i guess i'll clean up after you
i showed you my room, and you stayed the night, i barely got any covers
i showed you my wounds, you say that you're sorry but that i'm just too messed up for you

you borrowed my summer and added some rain - the frosted window panes keep me locked tight
you borrowed my eyes 'cuz yours were to tired - yet i can't recall when i slept through the night
i showed you my stomach you said i could afford to lose a few - i didn't eat for a week
i showed you my dreams, you said aim lower you said i'm the best you got, you've hit your peak

you borrowed my body, now here i lay forfeit - while you borrow somebody else's
you borrowed my life, and never gave it back - but i don't want to be selfish
i showed you the lines you left on me, you said "honey, it's all in your head"
i showed you my silence - you said i'll eat you whole, i love you so - we climbed right into bed
Track Name: sever
don’t let me fall asleep next you again
you remind me of the mess i’m in
don’t let me kiss that wounded body
cuz i am wounded too - how can i heal you?

the stars tonight are so much brighter, absent of those city lights
follow me, my point of view’s just right
leave the cloudy muddled waters of your head
at the river’s edge, a rocky water bed

I hope you’re sad, I hope the voices in your head
start to lead you home - we’re meant to be alone
Track Name: about falling (feat. Liam Kingsley)
forget the time, i havent half the mind to get out of this bed
it's just a taste of what you'll have to face when you call yourself mine
let my phone ring, i havent done a thing to lighten this load
i'll call them back, when i get back on track, i'll snap out of it soon
free me from this body cuz that might just be whats keeping me down
no surprise, i've been caught in my lies, i'm my own chinese finger trap, my own glue
it's been a year since you last appeared and with breath i'm bated
frankly i'm impressed with how quickly you'll undress, for a hand to hold, while i am incapacitated
call me a bore, but those footprints by the door are obviously dated
call me a freak, but when i have to speak i am hardly elated
feed me your apology as if it was ever really your fault
leave me crying on my knees with a fist full of twizzlers and a coke
what did i expect, my rhetoric is hexed, my chest and mattress form a nice adhesive
a massive water break, my love was critically acclaimed now i can barely find the pieces
quit me that's okay, who would expect you to stay, why call my house your home?
i'm a walking mausoleum, i'm a goddamn catacomb, what would it take you to notice - call me pope joan
i guess i'm just addicted to when you walk away, you say you love me but not quite enough
youd think these dreams about falling often shake me awake but i never quite wake up
Track Name: you fish on your side, i fish on my side, and nobody fish in the middle
your eyes are the quarry
Right behind my old school
We swam no matter the temperature
Til the cops pulled us outta the pool

your teeth have their own field
That are questionably softer than they should
pull the back 2 molars
Remember what they told ya
Never eat what looks good

My fingers are longer
Than a normal girl's are
I say all I better to stick them in your sweater
When we ride in your car

my head is an army
yours won't make a sound
I feel a constant tension
you sneeze at self expression
I'm glad we both got out

Will u love me next year?
When I move out of town?
Will u cradle me beneath the poplar trees?